Welcome to Bristlemoon Capital. We are a Sydney-based global long/short fund and through this newsletter we write about companies to help you better understand them. Our articles focus on a single stock, exploring:

  • How that business makes money

  • Elements of business quality

  • Growth opportunities and business risks

  • Valuation scenarios

Bristlemoon Capital was started by George Hadjia, an investor with almost a decade of buyside experience who most recently worked at a hedge fund in New York for five years.

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The Bristlemoon name

You might be wondering about the name: Bristlemoon Capital. We believe that success in investing requires both compounding and surviving; our name is a portmanteau that captures both elements. The name serves as a constant reminder that the work we do should be to identify businesses that have the ability to compound their intrinsic values at exceptional rates, and to do so with longevity.

The aim of this investment newsletter is to offer evergreen research that has a long shelf life. It is not attempting to pick whether the next quarter’s EPS will beat or miss. Rather, this research will hopefully retain its relevance and serve as a resource that fellow investors can refer back to as a way to understand, or remind themselves of, the workings of that business. In this way, the Bristlemoon team will be building a base of intellectual property on stocks that compounds over time. We are opening up these insights to the investment community and we encourage constructive criticism, particularly well-reasoned pushback against our conclusions.

We want Bristlemoon Capital to emerge as a trusted resource for company research, and for our investment newsletter to be your first port-of-call when you want to learn about a new stock.

Bristlemoon Capital is the holder of an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL Number 552045).

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Deep dives on stocks to help you understand them


A global long/short fund that writes about companies to help you better understand them.